You have a fantastic eye for detail and working with you and the Design by Trick team is smooth sailing. The best ever. Your demeanour is very upbeat and positive (you are a can do versus a can’t do kind of person) and from a client perspective makes you a pleasure to work with.

– Bernard Gotkin, All Office CEO


I had an idea, Design by Trick gave me a brand. Thank you for your on-going excellence and professionalism.

– Dr Richard Kenneth Boxall


A honey and nut latte is such a small price to pay – when I am ever allowed to pay – for the huge amount of help you give us!! David you are worth your weight in gold studded in diamonds!

– Jenny Wolhuter, Woolworths


Design By Trick has produced something that I am honoured to be a part of.

– Neil Jacobs, Unison Risk Management Alliance


I entered our first meeting for you to design a logo. I came out with a new brand name that is so much better than the one I was thinking of using.

– Richard de Villiers, MyCrossFit


One of your unusual qualities is your ability to advise on what best to do rather than just executing what we ask! Over and above the excellent service, creativity, and attention to detail, you have also played an invaluable role in supplier negotiations. I want to thank you for the enthusiasm you always show when working with us – particularly for requests which are made outside the normal brief.

– Wendy Coetzee, Metropolitan GoalCard


You are truly a genius. This booklet is amazing!! The A-Z is such a clever idea, why didn’t I think of that??

– Priscilla Jacobs, Woolworths


Walked into a Vodacom meeting and had a complete interactive discussion about Xanita using our website as the interaction tool. Well done guys .This is the first time I realize the power of a good website.

– Shaun Ferry, Xanita Sales Director


David Cotton is up-to-date as an industry person and valued as an external moderator. His ability to interact with staff and students is a gift. His response and suggestions range from warm and friendly to honest and to the point. If something does not meet industry standard, he is vocal about it, in defense of professional world standards and for education. David is favoured as a moderator and respected by staff for his contribution to education.

– Lionel Franciscus, Design Lecturer at CPUT


You are clearly experts and cut straight to what’s important, I am very grateful to have you involved. Very refreshing and it’s restored my faith in continuing to build my idea.

– Hayley Prior, Picture South Africa