Brand Timeline Wallpaper

Brand Timeline Wallpaper This wallpaper was designed and installed for Brand Engineering, the largest electrical engineering company in Africa. The timeline shows the growth of the company from its inception in 1970 to today, one of the leaders in the renewable energy field. This impressive wall tells a great story to all that visit head office.

Houw Hoek Hotel Website

Houw Hoek Hotel Website This website was developed to present the vast array of offerings from the Houw Hoek Hotel. Fully responsive and easy to navigate, it uses images, text and icons to communicate affordable and comfortable venues for weddings, conferences or just a weekend away with the family.

Forever Arniston Book

Forever Arniston Book Forever Arniston is a coffee table book compiled to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of the town also known as Waenhuiskrans. The project included research, design, copy writing, photography, and sourcing of illustrations and historical documents.

Wooltru Healthcare Benefit Z-Cards

Wooltru Healthcare Fund Benefits Z-Card

Wooltru Healthcare Z-Cards The Wooltru Healthcare Fund members needed a pocket-sized pamphlet detailing all their healthcare benefits. The Z-Cards provide a lot of information on the go, laid out in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Amant Website

Website design and development for blogging and social media

Amant Website Amant is a new media initiative designed to inspire women to get more out of love, intimacy, and sex. They required a website that has powerful blogging functionality as well as a focus on social media sharing.

Laurel Cottage Website

Laurel Cottage Website Laurel Cottage is a self-catering cottage situated in Franschhoek. Their website has been specifically designed to showcase their 3 different accommodation types, as well as providing links for things to do in the area.

Dynamic Group Website

Dynamic Group Website This website was developed to reflect the high end offerings of a luxury travel agency. Fully responsive and easy to navigate, it uses images to tell a story of safe, bespoke and very comfortable travel to Africa.

Chinese Whispers Video

Chinese Whispers Video This video won ‘best screenplay’ in the GALA Film Festival in Monaco and was voted second best film overall. Why is that amazing? Because it was shot on a Handycam on almost no budget. 
It was up against films that were shot by large crews with huge budgets. Content is king. You can film a bad idea … Read More

Metropolitan Goalcard

Metropolitan Goalcard This loyalty card that we designed, was part of a huge campaign aimed at Metropolitan Life’s customers. The campaign targeted the LSM 3 to 6 market and grew their position in the insurance industry. It was used in conjunction with a large volume of personalised print collateral.

Woolworths Group Retirement Fund Toolkit

Woolworths Group Retirement Fund Toolkit Our Retirement Toolkit won first prize at the SARA (South African Remuneration Association) Conference. It is a national award that beat both Alexander Forbes and Clicks. The files and their contents tackle the complex area of retirement planning. Thanks to the team effort by us and Woolworths.